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    The credit union concept is hinged on: Mutual trust, resolve to pull resources together, manage it efficiently and share the profit equitably.

Ramseyer Co-Operative Credit Union was formed by some Elders in Ramseyer Congregation Adum, Kumasi led by Mr. Prince Appiah-Fei and some sixteen other members from Bible Study and Prayer Group and Choral Singers. Credit Union is owned by individual members who has a minimum shares of GHC 200.00. Upon formation RCCU was a parish based Credit Union but currently a community based Credit Union which serves its members and the business community at large.

The union was established in 1993 and has till date a competentent team which seeks to lift RCCU to achieve its vision which is to be a leader in the Credit Union Industry, poised to meet family and business needs. Ramseyer Co-Operative Credit Union provides a wide range of products and services intended to meet the socio- economic well beign of members and business community at large. Currently Ramseyer Co-Operative Credit Union has three branches including it's head office.

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