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Our Chief Executive Officer

  • Our Chief Executive Officer

    At Ramseyer Credit Union, we believe that every member of our team should have a career, not just a job.

Our goal is to help employees feel great about coming to work every day and, more importantly, to be valued as a contributor to our success. We’ll help you achieve your maximum potential by creating a positive, healthy and diverse work environment.

We provide the tools you need to do your job and do it well. We work as a team – each branch and department working toward the same goal of making our members’ banking experience exceptional.

As an employee, you’ll be treated fairly and with integrity, and we’ll help you achieve a healthy life and work balance.

Working at Ramseyer Credit Union is like being part of a very large, extended family. We also provide competitive compensation and benefits unique to the financial industry.

Ramseyer Credit Union is an amazing place to work. I began my Ramseyer career in the year 2005 and became CEO in 2010. We’re growing, we’re making a difference and we’re shaping the credit union system in Ashanti and Ghana as we go. Best wishes for growth, success and fulfilling your career aspirations.

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At RAMSEYER COOPERATIVE CREDIT UNION, we believe that banking should not only be easy, but that every interaction with us should be a memorable experience.
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